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At Heritage Safaris we live, eat and breath all that is hunting and the African Adventure. Heritage Safaris is a seasoned outfitting company providing safaris in the highest standards to enthusiasts from around the globe.

"I speak of Africa and the golden joys; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the joy of hunting the mighty and terrible lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wawary, and the grim."

Theodore Roosevelt

Hunting in Tanzania

Heritage Safaris operates under Luke Samaras Safaris Ltd in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

With truly staggering numbers of animals combined with excellent trophy quality hunting in Tanzania is known to be the holy grail of all hunts with big game hunters all over the world. When on safari in the Selous you will be immersed in the largest and oldest wilderness in all of Africa. This is the Selous Game Reserve located in Southern Tanzania, remaining essentially as it was hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago..

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Hunting in South Africa

Heritage Safaris has built its reputation upon its pre-eminence in the quality of dangerous and plains game we have to offer.

We own the land upon which we hunt, and we carefully manage our Reserve to produce the best trophies. Our Professional Hunters (PH's) have hunted in a multitude of African countries. They know the habits and traits of dangerous and plains game animals and pursue them with a sincere passion ensuring that every adventure will be an unforgettable experience full of excitement.

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